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Blog entry #1

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the Skywind development blog! This is a new initiative we are introducing, designed to help inform our fans on the development we are making on Skywind and shed some light on the features and aspects of the game we are actively working on. The blog will feature news about the project, in-depth stories about the work that goes into a project like this, along with monthly recaps that lets you catch up with what we are working on. All things that will hopefully give you a better impression of who we are, the work we do, and how the project fares.

As some of you might know we have been present on Facebook for quite a while, but in continuation of the blog, we have established a Twitter account. Our social media accounts provide regular updates and images from the project, please feel free visit and follow our channel.

Recap of last month


A lot has been happening on the Skywind Project the last couple of months, and one of those things is a change in how we structure our work internally. Specifically in the 3D department, and something we hope to spread out to the rest of the project. When working with a community and volunteers as a main resource, a series of issues can and will arise.  Some of these may include contributors lacking motivation, slowing down progress or eventually never finishing their task, and organizing who is doing what. While there is little to be done about people losing motivation, we have ways of improving on an organizational level. The forum provides great opportunities for a feedback and discussion, but is not optimal when it comes to tracking progress, because things tend to drown in threads and sub forums. Which is why we have chosen to incorporate a project management tool called Trello. Trello offers variety of tools to support cooperative work, such as checklists, labels, image uploading and so on.


In 3D modeling for example, we have chosen to assign a card to each artists, allowing a better overview of the current work the artist is doing, along with the checklists that can be crossed of as the artist makes progress. When an object is finished, it will be moved to our “completed” category, notifying the right people that it is ready for importing. We have great hopes for Trello, and the tool is already supporting us in different departments.

VA script finished

Due to the differences in Morrowind and Skyrims dialogue system, the script for Skywind has undergone major changes, and is now in a stage where facial expressions need to be assigned to characters based on their lines. If you’re looking to help, but have no specific game development skills, feel free to give a hand with this task here. This also means that the long awaited voice acting script has been finished, and roles are in the process of being assigned to selected voice actors. However, it is going to take some time to assign these roles, and if you submitted an audition, we ask that you be patient while the process is still ongoing.

Necromancy mechanic

While Skywind is trying to convert Morrowind into the Skyrim engine, mechanics are being reworked and even new ones created. If you have ever secretly wished to become a necromancer, then this is your lucky day. A necromancer mechanic is making its way to Skywind, granting you the ability to resurrect humanoid corpses and make them your necromantic thralls, acting as any normal follower in Skyrim. You will be able to gradually upgrade your thrall you resurrected, with corpses from other humanoids. The necromancer system is still ongoing, and no not everything has been set in stone, which also means you’re free to make suggestions on necromancy should work. Expect to hear more from us later regarding this system.


Quite a lot has been happening in our landscaping department. Red Mountain has entered the landscaping phase, it is said to be the highest region of tamriel before its second eruption, and has been made notably larger than it was in Morrowind. As this landscaping is in its early stages, a lot of assets are missin.


West Gash has seen a lot of progression recently, with a majority of the landscape assets finished, work lies in arranging these so the properly reflects the West Gash area. Some of the landscape assests can be seen in the image below, as well as areas where they have been applied.


Sheograd is also continuing to show progress, only lacking ground textures and new flora to fill in empty areas.


*Note that these images are work in progress, and everything is subject to change.
**Purple objects are due to the lack of textures

Volunteer hub

Skywind is an ambitious project, that needs volunteers to stay alive. In an attempt to make our website more easily accessible to newcomers who wish to contribute to the project, we’ve gathered all information regarding recruitment in one thread. This includes the people you need to contact if you are interested in working with us, and what we are currently looking for in each department. So what are you waiting for ? Head over and check out our volunteer hub!

We hope you enjoyed the first blog post, feel free to share your opinion on subjects you would like us to blog about in the future.

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Nice, will wait for more with

Nice, will wait for more with update.

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It is indeed great that we
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