Blog post - September 2016

Making music for Skywind

by Matt Hawken with additional contribution from Marius Schlichting


Jeremy Soule’s original soundtrack to Morrowind echoed the alien landscapes and creatures of Vvardenfell with a complex and mysterious score, combining the sonorities of a symphonic orchestra with the tonal complexities of early 20th-Century Impressionist music. Morrowind’s soundtrack has become a classic and for Skywind’s music team, this is a tough act to follow! However, we’ve assembled a crack team including several professional musicians and composers and we’re ready for the challenge.


Over the last several months Skywind developers have adopted Discord as our primary means for real-time development and department communications. We've noticed a drastic improvement in our workflow and have largely abandoned using the TESrenewal chat here on the website. TESrenewal will soon be downgrading chat support here but would like to invite anyone curious about the project to visit our Discord server for any questions regarding the project, joining the team, or catch sneak peaks into the development process.

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